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Trial By Bannerman (TBB) Edit

Were you ever curious about awkward and deeply personal revelations about your 3rd favorite podcast hosts? If so these are the episodes for you! Delve into their personal space in an invasion of privacy so funny that you will forget to feel weird for prying.

TBB Episode
Episode Number Episode Title Type Guest Book Release Date Length
80 Trial By Bannermen TBB N/A N/A Jan. 20, 2013 1:51:44
83 The Mystery Dance Book Club / TBB N/A The Sworn Sword Feb. 10, 2013 1:20:22
137 An Unkindess of Ravens TBB N/A N/A Mar. 23, 2014 0:58:20
161 An Unkindness of Ravens Part II TBB N/A N/A Sept. 15, 2014 0:48:25
Patreon 1 Patreon Bonus Mailbag Audio Episode! Patreon / TBB N/A N/A May 4, 2016 1:38:50
Patreon 1.5 Patreon Bonus Mailbag Audio Episode ADDENDUM!!! Patreon / TBB N/A N/A May 5, 2016 0:17:43

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