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Episode Description: Edit

You hit the reward levels, we provide the rewards. A full length mailbag  episode (with video!) where we answer each and every one of your questions.


Our Patreon bonus mailbag audio episode for those who prefer not to see our dumb faces.

Intro Clip: Edit

No Intro clip this time, they just jump right in!

Show Notes: Edit

  • All of the questions on the Patreon thread are answered (even the ones Red thinks are dumb).
  • They go into why there was a hiatus and how they came out of hiatus.
  • Ivan's dating history comes up.
  • We hear about Ivan's Novel and plans to establish himself as a legitimate writer.
  • Ivan and red Recommend a book!
  • Ivan is leaning coding and wants a job somewhere that IS NOT FLORIDA!
  • Red quits Apple Inc. and gives a nod to some of the bannermen figuring it out.
  • Method acting 101
  • More recommendations!
  • The guys play Fuck, Marry, Kill it gets pretty fun!
  • They discuss the jungle book and white ghost in the shell and star wars.
  • Never fear! the Podcast will carry on Past GoT and Ivan and Red discuss possible concepts!

Quotes: Edit

"Please don't tell other people that we are dating." - Ivan

"The entire west coast is due to be sucked into the earth." - Ivan

"He is not kind of intense... HE IS THE MOST INTENSE!" - Ivan

"I just would like to just yell about my emotions more...." - Ivan

"What aperture are we working with in this thing?" - Red

"Your last name could be cox, that's a real last name." - Red

"Oh Fuck! I didnt realize that there was an arrow in the FedEx logo!" - Ivan

"Most of the time my favorite varietal is whatever the year it is Vodka." - Red

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