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Episode 137: An Unkindess of RavensEpisode 138: Who Are These People?Episode 139: Two Swords, One Throat
Episode 13: Game of Thrones Game Show!Episode 140: The Lion and The RicinEpisode 146: The Tenacity of Her Vengeance: Women in Game of Thrones
Episode 14: Purple Nurples and Imp FlipsEpisode 15: Seriously, Bran is THE BEST ClimberEpisode 15: Seriously, Bran is the BEST Climber
Episode 16: Catelyn Gives a ShitEpisode 17: Eddard the Lady KillerEpisode 18: Westeros' Spiderman is Weird
Episode 190: Better Call SaulEpisode 191: Never Liked That Sibling AnywayEpisode 192: The Mourning After
Episode 193: House Forrester Is My Safe WordEpisode 194: The MagiciansEpisode 195: Daredevil
Episode 196: The Real History Behind Game Of ThronesEpisode 197: Season 6 Game of Thrones RefresherEpisode 198: Woke Fanfiction
Episode 199: Didn’t That Guy Have a Beard?Episode 19: Gettin' Crabs at The WallEpisode 1: Winter Is Coming on Ivan and Red
Episode 200: Dickless CheneyEpisode 201: Airborn Until Proven InnocentEpisode 202: The Door Was Held
Episode 203: Meet the TarlysEpisode 204: Lyanna Mormont 2016Episode 206: Suits: Of Armor
Episode 207: Happy Shitting!Episode 20: Tarley the Two-Eyed CravenEpisode 21: WHO GAVE THE HALF-MAN AN AXE?!
Episode 22: Catelyn Climbs and Other Interesting TalesEpisode 23: The Smoking PoleEpisode 24: Ned Has a Dream!
Episode 25: Not Even Christopher Nolan Talks About Dreams This MuchEpisode 26: Cersei is Clearly in MourningEpisode 27: The Sentient Wheelchair and The Dreadfort
Episode 28: The Flaming (Sword) EpisodeEpisode 29: You Tell 'em, Drogo!Episode 2: The Kings Rode Many, Many Things
Episode 30: Yep, Your Dad Will Be Back Any MinuteEpisode 31: Beheading Your In-laws, The Number One Cause of DivorceEpisode 32: Winter Came and Went!
Episode 33: Special Misfits EditionEpisode 34: Book VS Show!Episode 35: Sherlock
Episode 36: Downton AbbeyEpisode 37: Steven Moffat Doctor WhoEpisode 38: Red Loves Game of Thrones
Episode 39: Peter North RemembersEpisode 3: Lord Snow Hits The WallEpisode 40: The Knight Life
Episode 41: What is Dead May Never Record Two Days LateEpisode 42: The Secret Garden… OF BONESEpisode 43: The Ghost of Guy Branum
Episode 44: The Old Gods and CthulhuEpisode 45: A Podcast Without HonorEpisode 46: The Prince of Bones It Is
Episode 47: Blackwater "Michael" BayEpisode 48: Vulgar HueyluisEpisode 49: Hot Pie and The Rainbow Guard
Episode 4: Cripples, Bastards, Ivan, and RedEpisode 50: The Hooded Cave of the Faceless ManEpisode 51: Narcs and Cravens and Eunuchs
Episode 52: A Pillar of Salt WivesEpisode 53: Admiring the FloorcraftEpisode 54: The Maker's Mark!
Episode 55: Acorn Paste and a Handful of BugsEpisode 56: The Vision BoardEpisode 57: A Jamie Oliver Wet Dream
Episode 58: Cats with Double-Edged AxesEpisode 59: Daenerys Needs to Check Out TwitterEpisode 5: The Wolf and the Lion Shave their Chests
Episode 60: Cats are Remarkable LushesEpisode 61: Empire Strikes Back it is NotEpisode 62: Sir Comma Daniel Preston and Other Knights
Episode 63: Homeopathy and The Sorrowful MenEpisode 64: Rattleshirt and Parties of FiveEpisode 65: A Splendor of Predictions And Also Looper
Episode 66: Ted Talks and 3-Eyed BabiesEpisode 67: Jon, Odie, and Street LichenEpisode 68: And Introducing Mitch Hedburg as Ned Stark
Episode 69: Your World Champion Giants! No, The Other KindEpisode 6: ComeuppanceEpisode 71: Book Throwing and Introducing Arya as Future Nan!
Episode 74: Please, Please, Don't Kill Me! The Game of Thrones Season 2 Game Show!Episode 75: The Newsroom, Should or Shouldn't EditionEpisode 76: Doctor Who "A Christmas Carol"
Episode 7: You Win or You Cry SubservientlyEpisode 8: The Endy PointEpisode 9: Winter Came
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