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Episode Description: Edit

This week Ivan and Red discuss THE BANNERMEN, the 3-eyed raven of corrections, Joffrey refusing to raise the debt ceiling, "kneelers", Tyrion jerking off, Dinklage's terrible accent, Tywin Lecter, the oh-so rare double titular line, Littlefinger watching youporn at work, GoT motivational posters (submit yours!), the Golden Cloaks and much more. Comments, questions, and curses should be sent to @boarsgoreswords on twitter or email'd to

Intro Clip: Edit

"Originally the part of Tryon was going to be played by two women sixty-nineing." - Ivan

Show Notes: Edit

  • Apparently the show is compared to being better than Heroin, I'm not arguing just thought it bears noting.
  • The fans are named "Bannermen"
  • The Guys return to the no guest format and get marginally better about names and places and things.
  • They still however are not that great at catching sarcasm from the characters on the screen though, I'm sure that they will get better at that as we go along!
  • We get to meet "Tusko" the titular boar!

Quotes: Edit

"John Boehner is the Joffrey of the U.S. Government." - Ivan

"Just owls, and owls are a scary fucking thing!" - Red

"I love that uhhhh... Varis has a codename, uhm.. except everybody calls him spider already, so why with the codename?" - Red