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Ivan and Red bring in Joey Devine to discuss HBO's contentious latest Aaron Sorkin walkie-talkie, The Newsroom. In an unexpected turn Joey and Ivan team up on Red, who's left to defend this great American show on his lonesome! WILL HE SURVIVE?! Hilarious episode, give it a listen.

Show NotesEdit

  • This is the show to listen to if you hate (or love to hate) Aaron Sorkin and/or his latest HBO show, The Newsroom.
  • Red shouts out the editors of this wiki, including ASaenz, areacode212 (who he calls "area code 2012"), Ser Mandy Moore, and the various anonymous "A Wikia Contributors".
  • Ivan pronounces A.V. Club writer Nathan Rabin's last name as "Rah-BEEN" (like the late Israeli Prime Minister), though Rabin himself pronounces it "Ray-Bin". Incidentally, Rabin has written a long essay savaging Aaron Sorkin's previous television show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, which Red Scott mentions more than once is his favorite show ever.
  • Red pimps Chicago's Lou Malnati's Pizzeria and their "sausage-crust pizza". He then confuses Ivan, Joey, and the entire podcast audience as to what exactly constitutes a "sausage crust". Is it just sausage? If so, what makes it a "crust"? Does it have breadcrumbs in it? Is the sausage fried so that it has a crusty consistency? Here's the deal: According to their website, it's known as "crustless pizza", and it uses "lean sausage as the base, and then topped with our fresh mozzarella cheese and zesty tomato sauce. Of course you can customize it to your taste by adding any of Lou's other fresh ingredients." But kudos to Ivan & Joey for acting as good audience surrogates and asking the tough questions.


"I am married to my hatred of The Newsroom" - Joey

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