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Episode Description: Edit

Sansa IV, Jon VII, and Tyrion XII. Red and Ivan discuss another GREAT Dan Preston song (It's a Shame), Sci-Fi/Fantasy rift, get a false start on the battle of Blackwater Bay, pour-over coffee from SF to London, The Hound's literal butchery, Doug Stanhope, Health Care, Sansa wedding and bedding, Jon Arbuckle and his Direwolf Ghost, Super Smash Bros at the Wall, Death of a Squire, and flesh-stabbing. Next week: Catelyn VII, Theon V, and Sansa V.

Intro Clip: Edit


Show Notes: Edit

  • New song "It's a Shame" by Dan Preston features in the opening.
  • Red and Ivan take a break to visit the mutton only food truck parked outside Ivan's house.
  • They compare this chapter to a Judy Blume book set in a fantasy universe.
  • Red and Ivan attempt to name every person who has ever played Superman.
  • Red and Ivan point out Railroad's use of drug related  at the beginning of the chapter including weeds, crack, rock, grass, trees, and lichen. ("I don't think we're doing the same drugs. I got so many bags of lichen in my closet." - Ivan)
  • Red breaksdown the high school superlative awards given at the Knights Watch including best swordsman, best archer, best in bed, bedded the most women, best high five, best at checkers, best at speed chess, best at opening and closing a drawer, best at button mashing, and best eyes.
  • Ivan makes reference to 'Tusko'.
  • Ivan requests fan art of Hammond Honeybake, Creator and CEO of Honeybaked Ham.

Quotes: Edit

"Sam the Eagle was kind of an asshole." - Red

"I always assume that Bitterbridge is kind of near Hogsmeade." - Red

"You know how they have those laws in a lot of countrys, no building can be taller than the top of the church. That's how I feel like it is with Seattle coffee, no coffee can be better than Starbucks coffee." -  Red

"Describing the execuation of a woman's father is the ultimate neg."- Ivan

"I'm the head of the San Francisco Ginger Club. We've gotten a lot stricter about who we allow into the club. Conan O'Brian's in but barely." - Red

"George acts out all of the things that he can't live out in his life, sexual acts, incest, fictional foods." - Red

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