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Episode Description: Edit

What You Should Be Watching - Steven Moffat/Matt Smith Doctor Who edition. Ivan and Red cover The Doctor, Tardises, Daleks, sweaty English heroes, deep-fried pizza, poor stranger danger policy, Douglas Adams, and more!

Intro Clip: Edit

"By the way, you lost a lot of listeners by mentioning Basketball." - Ivan

Show Notes: Edit

  • Red Add's a Drinking Game Rule!
  • This episode is a feature episode, "Boars, Gore and Swords: After Dark"
  • Maeby makes an appearance!
  • Red starts early insulting the mythos of "Dr. Who" and doesn't really let up all that much throughout the entire episode.
  • Ivan provides the revelation that there are A LOT of attractive women who are all about "Dr. Who". (Not so much for Star Trek)
  • Ivan continually shepherds Red through the "Dr. Who" universe.
  • Red makes some recommendations about Vernor Vinge books.
  • Creating characters just to dump in fiction is Bull Shit!
  • A discussion about a kiss-a-gram and whether or not she is a meth prostitute.
  • Red gives a ginger pride speech! Which culminates in Christina Hendrix being called "The Baddest Bitch in the Game".
  • Song parody with the Benny Hill as Dr. Who digression.
  • Red's wedding was great Ivan came in costume!

Quotes: Edit


"Yeah, when they showed up with angel dust I did not know what was going on." - Red

"The entire BBC special effects factory is a Comodore 64." - Ivan

"Him pale and wet, like the typical English hero." - Ivan

"Prisoner 0 is some pretty serious shit." - Red

"I give you a kiss you give me a fucking gram." - Red