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Episode Description: Edit

In their second "What You Should Be Watching" episode, Ivan & Red cover BBC's Sherlock, created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, and starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. We talk comparisons to House MD, the third greatest Conan, the disappointing RDJ Sherlock, the movie Hackers, and more!

Intro Clip: Edit

"Here is every single note from Steven Moffat: MORE, BIGGER, CAN YOU DO IT WITH LESS SUBTLETY?" - Ivan

Show Notes: Edit

  • The guys start off strong with some great "Raven's From the Bannermen"
  • Discussed best Conan's in the world.
  • House is revealed as a Sherlock spin-off.
  • Thermostat and 'wi-fi' enabled devices that can be hacked are discussed.
  • Maeby Makes an appearance.
  • Is this a Borne movie or a BBC show?
  • Some Political and Tech talk.
  • Steven Moffat's attempts at comedy are discussed.
  • The BBC's lack of high definition programming is touched on.
  • The use of bullet time for words, not bullets is mentioned.
  • A Fan Art request is mentioned.
  • Creepy things start to happen.
  • Watson tries to get laid.
  • Chekhov's ACTUAL HANDGUN makes an appearance!
  • Ivan makes a list of "Great Heroine Users of All Time"
  • Red and Ivan discuss their other podcast, "Shitting on Canadian Actors"
  • The discussion of the usage of "Series" v.s. "Season"

Quotes: Edit

"What is your favorite past-time? Just getting slapped in the face slightly." - Ivan

"Oh, there is no nipple, I'm not interested." - Ivan


"He found the saturation lever and threw it all the way to the right." - Red

"Nobody faces death with dignity anymore these days." - Ivan

"A factory where, I assume, drama is manufactured." - Ivan