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Episode Description: Edit

For "Battle of the Bastards", Ivan and Red are joined by writer Maggie Tokuda-Hall to discuss what make-up you bring to the negotiating table, the gender dynamics of war councils, how Daenerys/Yara is the new greatest ship, and Ramsay's fate still being better than he deserves.

Intro Clip: Edit

"So we have to discuss is it, Daenara or Yaerys?" - Red

Show Notes: Edit

  • The guys are joined by the very funny Maggie Tokuda-Hall.
  • Listener "Max" gives some guidance as to why clerics don't use bladed weapons.
  • Westland is discussed.
  • #teamblowupthecity
  • Railroads love of comic books is discussed and GoT may be an x-men plot that he ripped off.
  • Reminiscing about Warcraft.
  • Chekhov's Dragons!
  • Tommen and the fact that he is a puppet is discussed at length!
  • Ancillary Justice is discussed and recommended again.
  • Lady Mormont Love talk happens.
  • Where was Ghost?
  • Yeah Daenerys and Yara every ones new favorite 'ship'.
  • The giant has a dick for a nose.
  • Battle of the Blackwater pt. 2
  • Sanza "Must love hounds: Sansa's OKCupid Profile"

Quotes: Edit

"Those words gang up on you like teenagers in the mid 80's" - Red

I didn't know a human face could take that shape!" - Maggie

"No 14 year old should have access to that! The rest of your life is garbage!" - Maggie

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