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Episode Description: Edit

For this week's "No One," Ivan and Red discuss Terminator chases, Sandor Clegane's murder negotiations, and the most offscreen of any offscreen death in television history.

The place to talk about #NoOne. The High Sparrow's legal maneuver of cancelling Trial by Combat is just the kind of tactic you can expect from our new Medieval Fantasy Legal Procedural, SUITS: OF ARMOR.

Intro Clip: Edit

"Listen, we want more sweaty fat men on this show!" - Ivan

Show Notes: Edit

  • No Ravens from the bannermen or other plugs.
  • This GoT episode is not as good as they have been and Red and Ivan address it up front.
  • Ivan is spot on again with his "previously on".
  • Discussion about how stupid "planetos" is.
  • Red discusses proper drug etiquette when staying at your friend's house.
  • They talk about what the real killers in the show should be.
  • The Clegane brothers are awesome discussion!
  • Every episode with Braun is a good episode!
  • Cerci is able to achieve everything that Red has ever wanted.
  • The patriarchy rears its head!
  • They have maybe 20 ideas for GoT spin-off's that are all hilarious!
  • Ivan calls half of next episode spot on.
  • Twitter is a shithouse is discussed.
  • Predictions of Jamie's death are given.
  • The episode was great despite the GoT episode being not the best this season.

Quotes: Edit

"Listen, Unless the entire show becomes about the continuing travails of this acting troupe trying to replace their beloved star..." - Ivan

"Really, assassination was the first form of method acting." - Ivan

"No! Only men can be tortured hero's!" - Red

"Where are the women who are speaking for woman disfigurement? Okay, that came out wrong..." - Red

"If it were up to you the number one killer on this show would be a staff infection." -Ivan "IT WOULD BE HEART


"There were some cool head pops in this episode." - Ivan

"The classic choke hold is the Garfunnkle and Oats of it's age." - Red

"Did you think any time someone says Scotland that they are talking about your apartment?" - Ivan

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