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Episode Description: Edit

It's reunion week for "The Broken Man," Ivan and Red discuss skateboarding preachers, Margaery's manipulations, Yara's immersion therapy, and how Lady Mormont is the greatest character on the show even if she's only ten.

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Intro Clip Edit

"EXACTLY he is a giant so technically he has ten votes!" - Ivan

Show Notes Edit

  • The opening song is another Ser Daniel Preston instant classic!
  • Ivan has "white people face blindness"
  • Base level of horsmanship is discussed.
  • Ivan makes a spews a fantastic "Previously On".
  • Lack of a name for this stupid planet is spoken too!
  • For the first time in a long time Ivan confuses the book and show character names.
  • A Fan Art Request is made.
  • A rare red singing moment happened.
  • Chekhov's Challenge is mentioned!
  • Lyanna Mormont is called the BEST CHARACTER IN THE SHOW!

Quotes: Edit

"It's not a Dalek." - Red

"Honestly I like 'worldos'"- Ivan

"It is like I've always said...'Hell is Cate Blanchett'" - Red

"We start this episode with the greatest fantasy of them all..... reliable contractors" - Ivan

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