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Episode Description: Edit

For this week's "Oathbreaker," Ivanand Red discuss Varys's interrogation methods, the differing effects of puberty on actors, and possible ways to defeat a four hundred pound Icelandic zombie strongman.

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Intro Clip: Edit

"Paraded through the streets like a woman, on the internet." - Ivan

Show Notes: Edit

  • Discussion of Spoilers and Ivan kicks red off of the podcast!
  • Discussed laziest recasting decisions made by GoT.
  • The likely use of dye's in Westeros, riveting stuff!
  • Ivan's coverage of last time on Game of Thrones......(awesome)
  • Lots of "we'll get to it's" ensue.
  • The problems of being raised from the dead are touched upon.
  • Direwold counts!
  • Sam and Gilly's conversation on the boat.
  • The best sword fight in years!
  • Scottish accents are discussed and how they are so hard to understand.
  • How 90's the Matrix movies were was discussed. #sliderphones
  • Dickless Cheney makes an appearance and Red realizes it has taken him 6 years for him to make that joke!
  • Tyrion is the WORST third wheel.
  • Lanister chair based power-moves!
  • Red Sings!

Quotes: Edit

"Join us next week for Ivan and the inability for him to get his audio onto the internet." - Red

"Black love, the best kind of love.... Black death, the worst kind of death" - Ivan

"Listen 'White God' made you in his image.... I think 'Brown God' got it goin' on!" - Ivan

"Technically 'The Hobbit' is a three movie heist." - Ivan

"He just picks them up and shoves them together like Ken and Barbie dolls" - Red

"It turns out the water from Flint Michigan can cure your blindness!" - Red

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