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Episode Description: Edit

Ivan and Red cover Catelyn, Jon, and Eddard (pp 165-202). We get raving ravens from the Bannermen, The Spider and Littlefinger are introduced, Mimi from a Podcast of Ice and Fire says hey on our Facebook page, Jon keeps digging for an upside to the wall, and Eddard meets his future Eskimo brother. For questions, comments, or criticism, emails us at Next week we'll be reading 203-252.

Intro Clip: Edit

"And he is the drunken master. If anybody knows how to fight while vomiting it is him" - Ivan

Show Notes: Edit

  • The Official Boars Gore and Swords Drinking Game is created.
  • Fan art requests
  • Metal things from Ivan about the best way to keep a secret
  • A very enjoyable wall chapter with revelations throughout such as: Jon is the Joffrey of the wall, The Wall was a man made construct, and who Railroads analog character is!
  • A Maeby appearance is always welcome
  • We start to see how "Dumb Ned" starts to show up!
  • Wait the gay blowjob isn't explicitly book cannon?

Quotes: Edit

"Even cool people love being hugged." - Ivan

"Do not, *uh* even under the supervision of a doctor perform this drinking game with our first episode." - Red

"I'd put a California Roll on my banner." - Ivan

A bawdy song from Ivan and Red, "There once was a girl on the wall, her vagina was very tall, and the Imp fell in and we never saw him again and *uhh* I don't know something that rhymes with fall."