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Episode Description: Edit

Ivan & Red cover pages 93-127, AKA Jon, Daenerys, Ned, and Tyrion. Shout out to Lydia spoiling a major character death for us. Catelyn shits in inappropriate places, Jon & Tyrion head off to the wall. Eddard Bros out with the Robert. Send us comments, questions, or feedback at @boarsgoreswords on twitter or

Intro Clip: Edit

"If John (Snow) was in a coma she would still be shitting in the room but it would be on his face"- Ivan

Show Notes: Edit

  • The show is a little short due to a concert and some travel plans.
  • The guys discuss parent relationships and its correlation to possible longevity of the characters life.
  • Lot's of ravens from the bannermen still touched base on!
  • Lady Stark is such a HUGE bitch to Jon all the time always.
  • Most of the BGaS re-occurring things happen it seems.
  • More fanart requests (I guess.....)
  • Maeby makes a brief background appearance.
  • Jamie sitting on the thrown after just killing the mad king is bad-ass and metal!

Quotes: Edit

"Any feminist worth her salt knows her archery." - Ivan

"Once again American stupidity rises up!" - Red

"Admittedly it is hard to get consent if the only word that you share in a common language is 'no'." - Red

"I just wrote at the bottom of the page *WHOW*" - Ivan

"Dragons are fucking baller." - Red