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Episode Description: Edit

Ivan and Red are joined again by comedian Sean Keane as we cover Game of Thrones chapters Catelyn 2, Arya 1, Bran 2, and Tyrion 1 (pp 58-92. Come with us as Catelyn gets naked enough to make Ros blush, Arya establishes her sexual identity, we watch bran lose his grip for five pages, and Tyrion orders breakfast.

Intro Clip: Edit

"Listen you don't put a direwolf on the mantle in act one unless you are going to bring it back for act three... that's Chekhov's direwolf" - Ivan

Show Notes: Edit

  • This is the first episode where we get to hear the third greatest theme music used for a normal episode! Here on out, it is the theme for the show and used regularly.
  • Book club continues and they proudly tout themselves as being"mostly inaccurate but highly entertaining!"
  • The podcast transcends the other podcasts out there and is recognized by a listener as the third greatest podcast ever!
  • Sean Keane is hilarious as ever.
  • It appears lady stark was kind of a freak in the sack?
  • the 1000 times sex contract between the Stark's.
  • Some of Railroad's writing tics start to show!
  • Holy Shit the guys make a freaking spot on prediction out of nowhere! GJ Guys! Sorry about that thing that you get removed by Vargo Holt......

Quotes: Edit

"I don't know what 'dradis' means but i am pretty sure that is an awesome thing." - Red

"These are live human beings how can those be creepy?" - Red

"After an hour and forty-five minuets all I can talk about is my penis" - Ivan

"Hey, I hope that you get eaten by ice zombies!" - Ivan