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Episode Description: Edit

Ivan and Red cover the Game of Thrones BOOK prologue and first two chapters (Brand and Catelyn). They also discuss Dinklage winning an emmy, blurbs, the original Zsa Zsa Gabor of the Wall, White Walkers talking, Stark family game night, and more. Intro music is by Judgement Day. Contact us at or on twitter at @boarsgoreswords.

Intro Clip: Edit

"George R.R. Martin is one of our best science fiction writers, and this is one of his very best books." - Red (using a 'baby voice')

Show Notes: Edit

  • BOOK CLUB BEGINS (these episodes actually make up the vast majority of the content).
  • They break through the Great Wall of China and receive a Review from mainland china!
  • HOLY AGES BATMAN! Everyone is so freaking young!
  • Red makes a prediction this episode: Jon Snow is the last stark to "die" will he be correct?
  • Ivan and red make some recommendations on music to listen to while reading.

Quotes: Edit

"We are just going to go on the assumption that every single character is going to die violently within the course of these books." - Ivan

"Yeah black doesn't crack but Stark certainly does." - Ivan

"Has George R.R. Martin met children before? - Red "I don't think he has!" - Ivan